I am a professional footballer who currently plays for York City in League 2. At 33 years of age I am commonly described  as a “veteran” or “journeyman”, but I much prefer the term “experienced”!

I have played in all four professional leagues in England over the past 17 years, on a journey that has seen me ‘yo-yo’ up and down the country. From Blackpool to QPR to Leeds to Watford to Luton to Burnley to Preston to Northampton to York, I’ve racked up over 500 senior appearances, fantastic memories and a lot of points on my Esso rewards card!

I am also the Chairman of the player’s union, the PFA, a position that I have held since 2010.  It is from this angle that I would like to write this blog. There are plenty of pieces written every day by journalists, fans and players, all giving their varying perspectives on issues, but we never hear a regular voice from any of the leading organisations in the game. I’m going to open the door to thoughts from our side of the fence, so come on in, you’ll love it over here!!


I am also a very proud patron of The Katy Holmes Trust. If you are looking for a charity to support then please have a look at the fantastic work this family is doing in aid of Paediatric Brain Tumour research.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Adam Cifola said:

    Hello Clarke,

    I am a student at Tresham College Kettering and i am part of the Tresham radio, we aren’t broadcasted yet but we plan to be in the new year. I am writing to you to ask if you could spare a minute of you’re time for and interview about racsim in football for my radio package. As you are the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Professional Footballers’ Association, i thought it would be best to get views from the best mind possible for these kind of subjects. So if you have the time for either a face interview or phone call interview let me now as soon as possible and i would be very grateful.

    Thankyou very much,

    Adam Cifola

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